A1StereoControl - Version History / Change Log


A1StereoControl v1.1

  • AAX / RTAS support for Pro Tools
  • NEW: 'phase alignment' for SIDE signal, if MID signal is muted
  • improved cpu performance, especially when no audio is present
  • now mutual exclude for "mute mid" and "mute side" buttons
  • some minor bugfixes


A1StereoControl v1.0.7

  • fixed the annoying need of MSVCP120.dll
    (occured only one some machines)
  • some minor bugfixes


A1StereoControl v1.0.5

  • improved CPU performance
  • popup menu now closes immediately if not needed anymore
  • fixed some minor bugs


 A1StereoControl v1.0.4

  • NEW: modified preset is now marked with a asterisk in presetname
  • NEW: selected preset is now ticked in popup menu
  • slightly improved loading & saving procedures
  • fixed some minor bugs


A1StereoControl v1.0.3

  • NEW: implemented a minimum font height in the popup-menu
    (especially for working on small displays, e.g. laptops)
  • corrected some typos


 A1StereoControl v1.0.1

  • NEW: Presets ( Factory Presets / User Presets )
  • NEW: the possibilty to set your own preferred DEFAULT SIZE
  • fixed some minor bugs


A1StereoControl v0.9.6b8

  • NEW: two different Colour Schemes ( 'Bright Eyes' and 'Classic Dark' )
  • NEW: tooltips for all 'expert mode' settings
  • Increased font size in Popup-/DropDown-Menu
  • improved RESIZING
  • Fixed Bug: 'Safe Bass Frequency' now always shows 'OFF' instead of '0.00',
    if 'Safe Bass' is turned off
  • some minor bugfixes & adjustments


A1StereoControl v0.9.6b5

  • Fixed Bug: 'Safe Bass Frequency Knob' now always editable,
    if 'Safe Bass' is turned on


A1StereoControl v0.9.6b4

  • StereoWidth and Pan values may now also simply typed in
    (double-click on values to open up an editable text box)
  • some minor bug fixes


A1StereoControl v0.9.6b1

  • Initial release of public beta