We decided to drop RTAS format (in 2018)

The RTAS audio plugin format was developed by Digidesign / Avid for their sequencer / DAW
Pro Tools. In 2011 they introduced its successor, the AAX format. Pro Tools 10 was the last
version that supported RTAS plugins. In 2013 they dropped RTAS support with the release of
Pro Tools 11 entirely.

Pro Tools 11 (and higher) does only support AAX plugins.

Now, in 2018, we decided to drop our RTAS support as well. A1StereoControl v1.1 and
A1TriggerGate v1.0 will probably be our last plugins including RTAS format at all.

So, all upcoming releases and updates won't come out as RTAS versions...


(If you really need to use RTAS format, you may download the old installer files here.)