ALEX HILTON / A1AUDIO.DE software license


By installing, using, copying or otherwise handling this software,
you agree to all terms of this agreement. If you do not agree with
any term or condition, you do not have the right to install, use
or copy this software or any part of it.


Any person, company, institution or entity of an kind has the
right to use this software under the following terms:

- if this software is "freeware", you have the right to use it
freely and without any royalties whatsoever in any audio/video/
media production.

- if this software is "payware" and you DID NOT purchase or
otherwise obtain a registered license for it, you have the
right to use it only for testing or showcasing purposes.

- if this software is payware and you DID purchase or otherwise
obtain a registered license for it, you have the right to use
it without any royalties whatsoever in any audio/video/media

You have the right to use and/or mention this software in
"press-like" publications in printed or digital form (e.g.
review articles, review videos, tutorials or demonstrations) as
long as you refer to the products correct and full name, author
and website.

Full versions of freeware and demo versions of payware may be
ditributed free-of-charge (you are NOT allowed make money by
by distributing this software), if all parts of the original
software packing are included completely and unmodified.

Furthermore you may not use this software or parts of it in
any automated service, where third-party customers are using
this software without written consent by the author. If you
are not sure, please feel free to ask the author via contact
information provided below.

You are not allowed to hack into, disassemble or decompile the
software or any part of it. If this software is protected by
any anti-piracy mechanism, you may not bypass or get around
this mechanism or registration process in any possible way.


The software is protected by german copyright and corresponding
international treaties. For purposes of any claim, suit, action
or proceedings arising out of or in connection with the software,
its usage, any provided related material or this agreement itself,
each of the parties irrevocably submits to the exclusive
jurisdiction of the german courts located in germany and waives
jurisdiction elsewhere.


The software is provided without warranty of any kind. This
includes, but is not limited to, compatibility, "correctness",
"quality", "usefulness" and "fitness" for your specific needs.
If you use this software you are doing this at your own risk.

A1AUDIO / Alex Hilton does not guarantee that the software will
meet any requirements, that it is 100% error-free or that any
bugs in the software will be corrected in future.

The user of this software agrees to not claim the author's
responsibility for any damages related to the usage of this
software or any provided demonstration material. The user will
futhermore hold the author free from claims of any third-party


A1AUDIO / Alex Hilton will try to provide a fast and profound
support for this software via email, but does not grant any
guarantee for that.


web: www.A1AUDIO.de
email: support (at) A1AUDIO (dot) de

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