A word about my old 'mgaudio' stuff...

Some time ago i developed a few VST-Plugins for Windows (32bit only)
under the brand name "mgaudio".

Due to different reasons I decided NOT to work on them any further and
instead I started all-over and came up with my new brand:

A1AUDIO ( this website )

For those of you missing the old mgaudio-plugins, I will 're-create' all of
them as new A1AUDIO plugins with probably slightly more features.

  • A1TriggerGate (formerly mgTriggerGate) ... already released
  • A1TempoDelay (formerly mgTempoDelay)
  • A1PhaseShifter (formerly mgPhaseShifter)
  • A1Mono (formerly mgMono)

These NEW PLUGINS will at least have the same features as their old
counterparts, but of course will be available for all major MAC / WIN
formats like VST, AU and AAX (32 / 64 bit).


In the meantime please enjoy my new stuff here on this website !