A1StereoControl v1.4 MacOS FREE DOWNLOAD
A1StereoControl v1.4 Windows FREE DOWNLOAD
A1TriggerGate v1.4 MacOS FREE DOWNLOAD
A1TriggerGate v1.4 Windows FREE DOWNLOAD


In case you wonder: Yes, our new v1.4 Installers
are compatible with MacOS Catalina & Big Sur !

The Software packages offered above are not intended to be
used "stand-alone". Since all of them are audio-plugins,
they are only meant to be used inside of any Audio-Host-
Software / Digital Audio Worstation, that is capable of
hosting audio-plugins in VST2-, AU-, and/or AAX-format.

(e.g. Apple Logic, Avid Pro Tools, Cubase, FL Studio,
Ableton Live, Presonus Studio One, Bitwig and others)


Please note, that we dropped 32bit support altogether and
we strongly suggest using only the new 64bit Installers
above !

However, if you really have to use a 32bit version you may
still find them here.


VST2 : VST2 Plugin © Steinberg GmbH
AU : Audio Unit Plugin © Apple Inc.
AAX : AAX Plugin © Avid Technology, Inc.